Candid Wedding Photography

When we think of wedding, we think of happiness, joy laughter, emotions, rituals, colors, traditions, food, dance, music and of course people. And to catch all these vibrant shades of a wedding in its truest natural form is the purpose of Candid photography.The term candid essentially means ‘caught unaware’ which require no preparation or posing on the part of the person as the emotion itself is magnificent enough to be captured. This form of photography is very popular abroad and is soon catching up the trend in India too. These pictures connect directly with the emotions of the vibrant occasion when you view them many years down the line. To achieve this, behind the lens we have our creative team, who conceptualises these candid shots in various hues at every stage of the event starting from bridal make up, ring ceremony, mehendi ceremony, bride arrival, arrival of the groom, ashirvad ceremony, puja ceremony, vows exchanging, etc. Culture is an integral part of all weddings and every culture has its own way of celebration. We capture candid shots of family dance performance, couple dance, musical extravaganza, food, fun and laughter. Each of these shots involves use of the finest equipment to get the best out of the moment. You can visit our Candid Photography section to get a sneak preview of our work.