Ruby Package

In this package we will cover the Engagement, Wedding, Reception evening & Out door shoot

For Engagement, Reception& Wedding: We offer 2 Photographers, one on bride side another on groom side covering both the function & Candid photography and 3 Videographers with 3 DSLRs.

Cam1: on bride side

Cam2: on groom side

Cam3: steady cam

The Wedding Album will comprise of 160 Leafs in form of a lightweight magazine album along with a Coffee Book Album.

Video outdoor or the Wedding video will be of HD blueray quality offered in the form of a DVD with Wedding Highlights on YouTube version. 

Other services: In this package we provide the following additional services too:

Extra album print

Live photo printing, 

Live online streaming,  JIB

LCD, Projector, Helicopter cam 

Equipments: Our State of the Art equipment includes canon 1dx ,canon 1dx mark2,canon mark 3 ,Nikkon  D5,Nikkon D810

Lenses include 24-70, (zoom) 70-200,(telescope),14 mm,85 mm (prime) ,50mm(prime)100mm,macro

Lights used is elinchrom full light unit 

For Videography we use Canon 1dx mark2,canon mark 3 ,Sony,Canon 6D

Helicopter cam Gopro hero 3 is used for top view shots

Photographer  : 2      (Cam I for bride side ,Cam 2 for groom side )

Album out : 160 leaf  light weight magazine album +Coffee book album

video  : 3 DSLR on both days

Cam 1 for bride side

Cam 2 for groom side

Cam 3 steady cam

Video out : hd blueray +DVD+Highlights ( YouTube version )

Other services

Extra album print 

Live photo printing 

Live online streaming 


LCD 1 no   


Helicopter cam  

Using equipments ;


Canon 1dx ,Canon 1dx mark2,Canon mark 3 ,Nikkon  D5,Nikkon D810

Lenses  : 24-70, (zoom) 70-200,(telescope),14 mm,85 mm (prime) ,50mm(prime)100mm,macro

Lights  : elinchrom full light unit


Canon 1dx mark2,Canon mark 3 ,Sony,Canon 6D

Helicopter cam : Gopro hero 3