Couple Shoot

Couple Photography In Thrissur

Wedding Videography: We provide a dedicated team of 2 members who capture the entire wedding from start to end and ensure that no moment is left uncaptured.

Couple Shoot: We do couple shoots based on many themes and locations to gift you timeless moments captured and framed. We truly appreciate the authenticity of the traditional touch and we have several locations in mind within Kerala itself to do Couple shoot. Under the tree, on the boat or yacht, by the beaches overlooking the vast horizon, basking in the sun hand in in hand, or walking down the vast green meadows or floral gardensriding an elephant, or grooving to the tunes of age old traditional Kathakali.

We suggest special attires for the couple for each specific location and props to go along with them. Like the larger than life handmade photo frame hanging from the tree above or the two sitting on the floral swing handing from a giant tree amidst a vast green meadow. We can use decorated vehicles like a 3 wheeler illuminated rickshaw decorated with romantic callouts for a perfect evening couple shoot or even a convertible hoodless vintage car. Each shot is taken with perfect illumination and imaginative angles to get that ethereal pose that oozes out the romance between the two of you.