Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre Wedding Shoot Kochi

This is a special shoot for the couple few days before the wedding day which is conceptualised and shot after a thorough discussion with the couple understanding their taste and preferences. We believe that the Pre-wedding shoot is an integral part of the Wedding too. A classic vintage style, a Rustic Countryside or a Fun Beach shoot we have super creative ideas for all venues for a Pre-wedding shoot, shot with perfect style and élan. For a pre-wedding shoot, the location is as important as the couple attire and props to be used. These Props can be chosen from a wide assortment and array of exciting options. Although small, these props can change the entire look and feel of the shot making it more fun, dramatic and romantic. Here are few options which you can use for adding that spark to your pre-wedding. Falling Bubbles add that soft touch to a shot while you look into your partner’s eyes and smile, it lights up the entire image. Confetti is another easy prop that can be blown in front of the camera or flown in the air to create that colourful fun atmosphere to a shot. There are many other small n simple yet effective props that can look really gorgeous like balloons, DIY photo frames, scrambled letters, veil or sheer dupatta, colourful umbrella, rings, flowers, glitter etc. While vintage props like bicycles with basket in front can create some interesting cute poses with your partner. Or your cutest puppy can cut a nice picture in a couple shoot.